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As of 2023

Taunted as an office temp and manipulated as a dark web mule, Travis Malaka, a pro-Trump scammer must navigate the mine field he’s drawn into. Partnered with Megan Shelby, another temp from his job, Travis learns harsh consequences when he accepts posts from the second Silk Road. Peeling back the Dark Onion takes Travis to the darkest parts of Northern California and Narco Cultura in this hard boiled, modern noir crime thriller.

Two girls — from Modesto—in the 8th grade — fall in love. They’re Muslim. A friend dies. It starts off simply with one watching the other in home room. We learn that they’ve known each other since elementary school but their lives combine as they learn to trust each other.

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Pushing the outer limits of imagination, Daniel Micko’s Moonshine Revival is a recreation of his original The Moonshine Wars. A clear view of the Kincaid Family, re-hashed, re-made, and re-imagined for a new and exhilarating read. 4 extra chapters makes for more story. We need both sides of separate but equal; we need the devil’s view.

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Set around 9/11, Predator/Nomad is an enthralling and terrifying read. It urges relevance by presenting a world hurtling toward a game-changing medical advancement. The twisted plot reflects the odyssey we all take to do the right thing. Allegorically, people, in general, are more than what they seem-a cerebral look at social deviants.

Told by Terry Lee Kincaid III, or Little T, we follow several influential people in his life, his great-granddaddy Billy Ray Kincaid. His granddaddy, Big T (Terry Lee Benning Kincaid), and his father, Terry Lee Kincaid Jr. He follows the lives of another group of influential people in his life, the Spicers: James Spicer, Alberta Spicer, and Sonny Spicer. The Spicers and the Kincaids lived together in Kincaid, Georgia. They were one. They were family.

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