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Honorable Mention

The San Francisco Book Festival Awarded Daniel an Honorable Mention in 2022 General Fiction Category.
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  I am overwhelmed with gratitude to be honorably mentioned by the San Francisco Book Festival. Being recognized is a pleasant surprise and a sign that I'm doing good work. I am honored! Many hours went into Predator/Nomad: a novel, and it means so much to me that the work I am so passionate about also resonates with others. 

  This accomplishment is not something I did alone; many others deserve to share in this honorable mention. I want to thank Eleven & Company for their hard work as editors. Thanks also to David Townsend for his hard work on the cover page. Also, I have to thank early reviewers like Online Book ClubIndies TodayClarion Reviews by ForewordKAYBEE'S BLOG, and all my friends & family that attended the July 2021 book launch party. 

  I would also like to thank my wife, kids, parents, and mother-in-law for their love and support throughout this creative writing journey. I'm sure we have more to come. Erica, I love you and cherish your support. Eli & Sofia, I hope you are inspired to pursue your artistry with courage and curiosity. Mom, you, and Dad instilled love & respect for education which I will not forget. Rosa, your love & generosity teach me to be a better person.

  Thank you also to my work-friends and fans for the inspiration that made Predator/Nomad: a novel possible. 

  Last but not least, thank you to the San Francisco Book Festival for offering recognition to independent writers & publishers like me. I hope that this recognition of my work can serve as an inspiration to others in the field. Remember - if my work can make a difference, so can yours. 

  I will continue my efforts to create original work and look forward to "promoting diversity and exploring exclusion" for many years to come. I am humbled and appreciative. Thank you.

Daniel Micko, 770 Publishing
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