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Mahsa Amini Blog Post 11.13.22.png

Mahsa Amini Protest

Visiting London reveals turmoil in Iran.

November 14, 2022
Award Announcement 7.2.22.png

Honorable Mention

The San Francisco Book Festival Awarded Daniel an Honorable Mention in the 2022 General Fiction Category.

July 3, 2022
Tarot & Fool's Journey 6.19.22.png

Tarot & The Fool's Journey

A Comparison of the Fool's & Hero's Journey

June 19, 2022
Bog Post Crime Prevention 5.21.22.png

Prevent Crime

One video spurs an examination into our criminal justice system...

May 21, 2022
Cull the Herd BlogPost.4.10.22.png

Cull the Herd: Thomas Malthus' Theory

An examination of global overpopulation and possible solutions.

April 10, 2022
Strange Blog Post.7.16.22.png

Stranger Than Strange.

Principles vs. Methods & very young pregnancy.

July 17, 2022
Blog Post Money, Wellness, & Happiness 6.6.22.png

Money, Mental Health, & Happiness

How they are Intrinsically Linked to Crime Prevention?

June 6, 2022
Counterintuitive BlogPost 3.27.22.png

A Counterintuitive Motto

I want to explain my motto, “promoting diversity, exploring exclusion.”

March 27, 2022


Movies, paintings, and News; How we improve our art...

November 22, 2021

1000 Ways to Sell Your Book ;)

A light comparison on business and book selling.

November 8, 2021

Structures for Healthy Relationships

Examining J. E. Gordon's book and various examples of building a healthy life.

October 23, 2021
Savior pic.jpg

Price Laurel, Literary Tropes

A Kirkus Review on idiot characters turns into an examination on the White Savior Trope.

September 12, 2021

Cloning & Immigration

What happens when they die? An abstract connection between human cloning and US immigration.

September 5, 2021
Apex Strategy Resize.jpg

Apex & Strategy

An examination between the video game Apex Legends and Sir Lawrence Freedman’s book Strategy.

August 29, 2021

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