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Bog Post Crime Prevention 5.21.22.png

Prevent Crime

One video spurs an examination into our criminal justice system...

May 21, 2022
Cull the Herd BlogPost.4.10.22.png

Cull the Herd: Thomas Malthus' Theory

An examination of global overpopulation and possible solutions.

April 10, 2022
Counterintuitive BlogPost 3.27.22.png

A Counterintuitive Motto

I want to explain my motto, “promoting diversity, exploring exclusion.”

March 27, 2022


Movies, paintings, and News; How we improve our art...

November 22, 2021

1000 Ways to Sell Your Book ;)

A light comparison on business and book selling.

November 8, 2021

Structures for Healthy Relationships

Examining J. E. Gordon's book and various examples of building a healthy life.

October 23, 2021
Savior pic.jpg

Price Laurel, Literary Tropes

A Kirkus Review on idiot characters turns into an examination on the White Savior Trope.

September 12, 2021

Cloning & Immigration

What happens when they die? An abstract connection between human cloning and US immigration.

September 5, 2021
Apex Strategy Resize.jpg

Apex & Strategy

An examination between the video game Apex Legends and Sir Lawrence Freedman’s book Strategy.

August 29, 2021