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Stranger than strange.

Principles vs. Methods & very young pregnancy.

What principle are we ignoring when we stop a child from having an abortion?

   What’s grosser than gross? Two vampires fighting over a bloody tampon. What’s grosser than that? Having a dream, you’re eating chocolate pudding and waking up with a spoon in your butt. What’s grosser than gross? When you throw your underwear at the wall, it sticks. What’s grosser than that? Wearing them for another day. There’s a whole website. It gets graphic, but they’re only words. At what point does this joke cease to be funny?

   Gross is the wrong word. How about strange? Strange means that it's not ordinary but not gross. What’s stranger than strange? A twelve-year-old getting pregnant. What’s stranger than that? An eleven-year-old getting pregnant. What’s stranger than that? A ten-year-old getting pregnant. What’s stranger than that? The number of 10-year-olds on this list. What’s stranger than that? A nine-year-old giving birth. What’s stranger than that? The amount of 9-year-olds on this list. What’s stranger than that? An eight-year-old giving birth. What’s stranger than that? There are nine recorded instances of an eight-year-old giving birth. What’s stranger than that? There are no seven-year-olds listed. What’s stranger than that? A six-year-old giving birth. What’s stranger than that? The youngest person in history gives birth at the tender age of five. What’s stranger than that?

   The lowest legal age of consent in most countries is thirteen. In North America, the legal age of consent is around sixteen or seventeen. I have to ask the question: why are people below the legal age of legal consent getting pregnant

   Recently, there was an Ohio ten year old refused an abortion. It seemed strange to me. It's as if a principle has taken over, but the question bugging me is: which principle? 

   Principle: fundamental truth or proposition is the basis for a system of belief, behavior, or chain of reasoning.

   Method: procedure or process for attaining something.

   Principle vs. Method: "The man who grasps principles can successfully handle his own methods. The man who tries methods and ignores principles is sure to have trouble." - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

   What principle are we holding onto when a 10-year-old is refused an abortion. Is it strange? Is it grosser than gross? 

   The need to ban abortions, where does it come from? Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice, can this argument be summed up? Sigh. This is big. Bigger than me. Where do we start? I liken it to the financial industry. A free market is relative to each individual's financial status. Somehow this seems like a cop-out. It's just so polarizing. It looks like the principle of abortion is charged by religion. At the same time, so is financial. Well, what's the code governing our children?

   Children's rights are human rights, so doesn't a person forced to get pregnant have the right to abort it? Does a child have the right to choose to get pregnant? It's just that humans younger than teenagers getting pregnant don't seem to fit together. I can't envision a child wanting to be pregnant. To regulate a child's human rights, we must uphold their rights. It's only fair. Is there a society that portrays such a principle?

   Here's a list ranking children's rights across countries. Children giving birth to children, is this the world we want to live in?

Daniel Micko, 770 Publishing
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