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A Diverse Point of View.

Daniel Micko

More than just writing...diversity versus exclusion... stories unlock our lives.

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Predator / Nomad a novel TRAILER

  My books are about characters confronting exclusion. They embark on an exciting adventure. They navigate an unfair society. Books are about understanding another person's perspective, and you can get that through the author, the characters, the plot, or the concept. I have a unique voice just like you, and I want to be able to dissect ideas that seem simple, to all of us, with you. The things society has overlooked.

How many books have disappointed you? I'll show you what I'm about through my novels. You'll decide if my storytelling is exemplary.

World Class Professional Reviews

On Moonshine Revival: "The love story between Sonny and Isabelle, a Black man and a multiracial Haitian woman who moves to the US with him, is a romantic, heartbreaking subplot that adds valuable layers to the book’s examinations of race relations in the South."
- Foreword Reviews
On Predator / Nomad a novel: "Micko artfully presents a complex storyline with fast-paced action and multilayered subplots. There are timeless themes woven into the plot, including duty vs. personal freedom, multiple roles individuals play in their community, and the opportunity cost of accomplishing personal goals. He depicts tension in the relationship between loving a person and disdaining their actions."
- The US Review of Books
On The Moonshine Wars: "Written and edited with a natural storyteller’s hand, the author showcases his command of down-home dialogue and the adventures of his offbeat ensemble cast, rendering this work of fact-as-fiction into a stark but often humorous look at what it meant to be black—or white—in turn-of-the-past-century Jim Crow Georgia. All-in-all, it’s a rare and satisfying read."
- Blue Ink Review

Profile | Bio

Daniel Micko is a critically acclaimed, bi-racial novelist born in St. Louis, Missouri and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Never afraid to write about life in the margins, Daniel seeks out the in between; the bad places no one wants to go. In fact, he relishes it. Micko's writing process is derived from film school; screenplays, treatments, pitch meetings, etc. He was taught no limits with imagination. "Whatever it takes to finish the story," Daniel says. Multiple revisions, deep research and reflection; he's undaunted. No limits, stretched to the margin.

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