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Predator / Nomad 

a novel

The Book Commentary

"An exciting and deeply enthralling read, Predator/Nomad: A Novel is a book that holds interesting conversations between the characters, which present deep, philosophical questions in readers' minds."

US Review of books

"The plot twists and captivating characters of this novel will keep the readers enticed. It is skillfully written with well-developed storylines full of intrigue. Fans of science fiction and audiences that enjoy a good thriller will not be disappointed with this offering. In fact, it is highly likely that they will anxiously wait for Micko's next stroke of genius."

The trailer

San Francisco book review

"In Predator/Nomad, Daniel Micko does a great job of combining scientific innovation, intense action, deep revelations, interesting conversations, cultural diversity, political games, psychology, and more. It’s the type of book that you can read several times and discover new things every time."

kay bee's bookshelf

"Micko did a job of world-building. The attention to detail in describing the landscapes as the characters take us from San Francisco to Colombia to Saudia Arabia. He also created memorable characters in Princess Saleh, who was a trans-woman."

clarion review

"Jordan's duality is apparent early on: she is compared both to Henry David Thoreau and Ted Kaczynski, and she undergoes dramatic mood changes. Tension and suspension are maintained because her true nature is kept in the shadows, leaving open the possibility that Jordan is, in fact, a dangerous criminal mastermind."

online book review

"Above all, I thought that the book’s strongest suit was its gripping plot. The author managed to create a mysterious atmosphere that kept me wondering what would happen next. It was amusing to follow Saleh’s endeavors as she strived to uncover the inner workings of Jordan’s cloning projects."

Indies today review

"The writing style in this futuristic novel is purposefully erratic and abrupt. The characters are frequently changing their minds, words, or actions seemingly without provocation, including a lot of random giggling coming from hardened players in the story in some of the most unsettling scenes. An endless transition from veracity to metaphor will keep readers on their toes as Micko examines the fine line separating the lunatic or psychopath from the genius!"

main characters

Price Laurel - Born in St. Louis, MO; lived there until his 20th birthday. 20 year old actor, insecure, desperate to achieve his movie star dream. Eager to please all his friends in San Francisco. Inquisitive, holds a hero complex. Mostly confused. Ultimately unsure how to determine right from wrong. This story spans 20 years old to 23 years old.


Dr. Jordan Roberts - Born in St. Louis, MO. Female. Lesbian. Age in Late 30s. Genius and knows it. Charismatic. Looks and dresses like a young Wayne Newton. Wields multiple breakthroughs in genetic technology. CEO of her own lucrative business. International humanitarian. Silent assistant to Terrorists in Afghanistan and Columbian Cartels. Lost her Japanese girlfriend in Columbia. Visionary, cunning, enigmatic. Morally corrupt.


Saleh - Born in Saudi Arabia. Age in late 20s. Modern day Arabian Princess. Lesbian. Periodically trans (very convincing), black sheep of her family. Poses as a man most of the time (bodyguard to her brother, the Prince). Silent pillar of her Royal Family; small time in comparison to the rest of the Kingdom (Saudi Arabia). Arrogant, ambitious with a devil-may-care attitude. Physically fit; former elite soldier, willing to do anything to help her brother, including spying on pre-Taliban terrorists. Strong sense of right and wrong.

Plot Summary


    Although human cloning has been a reality since the 1980s, Predator / Nomad is a story taking place in San Francisco, between 2000 and 2003. Dr. Jordan Roberts (scientific genius) has perfected human cloning and gone a step further with human growth acceleration.


    Jordan cultivates a sapphic affair with Saleh, an Arabian Princess, therein expanding her business and genetic research. Upon learning of Jordan's unethical dealings, Saleh vows to extradite Jordan back to Saudi to stand trial for her brother's murder. This proves difficult as Jordan has the protection of Evan Chan and other clones in San Francisco. Saleh's trapped at an impasse. 


    Meanwhile, in San Francisco, Price Laurel stumbles upon Jordan’s cloning plot. On a collision course with retribution, Price and Saleh must connect and bring Jordan to justice. The only problem is they haven't met each other.


    A story from out of left field and subversive in nature, Predator / Nomad tells a realistic story with fantastic elements. Daniel Micko asks us to look deeper into the words and actions of each character. Why does Price assault that house in Bayshore? Why does Saleh, a Saudi Royal, choose to hunt Jordan by herself? Why did Price move to San Francisco in the first place?


    Predator/Nomad, is an enthralling and terrifying read, urging relevance by presenting a world hurtling toward a game-changing medical advancement. Price’s journey through San Francisco reflects the odyssey we all take to chase down our dream and achieve a goal. Allegorically, people, in general, are more than what they seem. A cerebral look at social deviants.

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