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Two girls — from Modesto—in the 8th grade — fall in love. They’re Muslim. A friend dies. It starts off simply with one watching the other in home room. We learn that they’ve known each other since elementary school but their lives combine as they learn to trust each other.

Gay-Straight Alliance or GSA: A student-led or community-based organization, found in middle schools, high schools, colleges or universities to promote dialogue between sexes.

Growing up in Modesto, CA, is typical; painfully ordinary. Conservative. It’s the mid-west of northern California where Sydney Troller, a neurotic teenager, and Brooklyn Jennings, calm, collected with sunglasses over her glasses, get to know each other. Although they’ve grown up together, they just now decided to combine their forces.

  • "I'm proud of myself, bullies will kick you around forever if you let them." - Sydney Troller

Sparks fly, and they come close to death, starting a fantastic club, but all the while, they keep sticking together. Why is that?

  • "I wanted this thing to be about doing something and I think we ended up doing too much." - Brooklyn Jennings

Two 8th grade female American Muslims reluctantly fall in love around Modesto, CA.

An Eighth Grade Gay Straight Alliance: a novel

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