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Daniel Micko's new book: MADRINA & the Black Fanatic: a novel. Book will arrive within 3 to 5 business days of purchse (within United States). Factor more time for shipping outside the U.S. Paperback copy. 

MADRINA & the Black Fanatic a novel

  • A prequel to Predator / Nomad, it’s 1996—Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. Participating in an undercover mission, Jimmy Butcher, a black 28 year old Army Ranger thwarts Mike Lloyd, a fellow soldier and childhood friend involved in a criminal plot to sell high grade explosives to Chicago’s Vice Lord Gang. Ezmerelda, a Columbian illegal migrant since she was 6 years old, now lives with Jimmy as a roommate, in secret. Ezmerelda yearns for a child and turns to the internet for an experimental option. Bounding towards dissolution in San Francisco, Jimmy and Ezmerelda find themselves questioning each others’ loyalty when Dr. Jordan Roberts steps into the picture and turns the two roommates in on each other.

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