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Moonshine Revival

a novel
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Clarion Review

"Moonshine Revival is an eye-opening historical novel about the reverberations of the Civil War and the KKK throughout the South. The love story between Sonny and Isabelle...adds valuable layers to the book’s examinations of race relations in the South."

Blue Ink Review

"Micko, however, convincingly depicts the threat white supremacists pose. His engaging characters wrestle with their places in the world, seemingly predetermined by race and social status, presenting societal concerns still relevant and examining how far one might compromise one’s values to avoid harm."

Moonshine Revival a novel

by Daniel Micko


Paperback: February 17, 2022

eBook: April 24, 2022


67,000 words



Cover design:

Youness El Hindami


Paige Lawson

Pushing the outer limits of imagination, Daniel Micko’s Moonshine Revival is a recreation of his original The Moonshine Wars. A clear view of the Kincaid Family, re-hashed, re-made, and re-imagined for a new and exhilarating read. 4 extra chapters makes for more story. We need both sides of separate but equal; we need the devil’s view.

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