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★★★★★ "I LOVE this novel because of the diversity." - Amazon Customer


Set around 9/11, Predator/Nomad is an enthralling and terrifying read that urges relevance by presenting a world hurtling toward a game-changing medical advancement.

Dr. Jordan Roberts is a bit of a prodigy in her field of medicine, specifically genetics.

Quick to bed the charismatic doctor, Saleh, a Saudi Princess and transgender security detail for her brother, must then deal with some emotional fallout.

Has she actually been sleeping with the enemy? And if so, who is the enemy working for? When Saleh digs deeper, she uncovers more about Jordan’s work than anybody even knew was possible.

The twisted plot reflects the odyssey we all take to do the right thing.

Allegorically, people, in general, are more than what they seem—a cerebral look at social deviants.

Predator / Nomad a novel

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