Project | 02
Project | needed my help with various projects. From email blasts to knowledge based articles, I did work while the marketing team was out on vacation. 

Project | 03
Project | Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House is a National Historic site with interesting attributes. This copy investigates those attributes and poses compelling questions about mystery and how it pertains to life.

Project | 04
Project | Re-Up / Rite Aid

Print Ad to drive traffic into Rite Aid stores. Re-Up asks people to come back and get all the things they need for the week. The basic necessities. 

Project | 05
Project | One Life Fitness Line / Sports Authority

Print Ad for fitness clothing for pregnant women. One life is clothing for women going through pregnancy and on. It asks the customer to think about their fitness and the fitness of the life they are giving birth to.

Project | 06
Project | ABZ Fitness Flyer

Flyer for a new fitness center in Stone Mountain, Georgia. The owner is a brand new entrepeneur. He emphasizes health, neutrition and a hard core work out. Looking for big things from ABZ Fitness.

Project | 07
Project | Risks GLBA (financial spec copy)

This is a report on spec surrounding a new law regarding the financial sector. Data mining and the sinister implications are at the forefront. Mostly, a reporting article but overviews positive implications of the new law.

Project | 08
Project | Alice Bird Cushion/Collection

Linen N Things product for online sales. Unfortunately, Linen N Things shut down but not before I could create this great content. Click on the link to see the entire PDF and read the content. It would have been a print ad for online interface. 

Project | 09
Project | Friends & Family Event (Online)

Sears Outlet Summer Event for local Outlet stores. District wide campaign to promote new deals coming through all stores in the area. Click on the link to see the entire PDF and read the content. It was a print ad that also got advertisement online circa 2015.

Project | 10
Project | Job Description (technical copy)

Rite Aid Job description for local stores. District wide copy for all stores in the area. Click on the link to see the entire PDF and read the content. Internal document for all employees.

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