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Daniel Micko

Independent Author.

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Dive Into Daniel Micko's Masterful Worlds

Explore the captivating world of storytelling with Daniel Micko. Dive into thought-provoking narratives that tackle social justice, identity, and the human experience. Join our community of avid readers and advocates for change. Start your literary adventure today and be part of the conversation.

Travis Malaka

Travis wants more out of life. He hates the government and can't trust authority. He turns to the Dark Web and takes jobs on the second Silk Road.

"They call me a loser behind my back. I’ve heard them. I’m a temp. That’s probably why. I’ve worked a dozen jobs, and none of the people there liked me."


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& the Black Fanatic

Army Ranger and migrant unravel explosive conspiracy.


Meet Jimmy Butcher, a 28-year-old black Army Ranger, whose daring missions intertwine with the enigmatic Ezmerelda, a resilient Columbian woman with a mysterious past. Together, they face perilous adventures, unearthing conspiracies and testing loyalties. Join their thrilling journey, a blend of action, suspense, and an unexpected bond.

GSA Ebook Cover 9.19.22.jpg

An Eighth Grade Gay Straight Alliance

"Following numerous missteps and misadventures, the story culminates in a satisfying ending. An intriguing, timely story that shows the life-affirming effect of love, friendship, and community; a must-read."

"Hard-hitting in its honesty and authentic narrative voice, An Eighth Grade Gay Straight Alliance by Daniel Micko shines a light on the societal forces and peer pressures that shape growing up today."

"Beautifully messy and written with perfection in mind, An Eight Grade Gay Straight Alliance is outrageously entertaining. Sydney and Brooklyn are surprisingly complex and mature for their age. They are teenagers with the souls of adults who have lived through lifetimes already. Their romance is incredibly sweet."


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